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The Deal of the Day site! Be a part of our friendly revolution.

Dealtastic is made up of a very strong internet team from high level customer service agents, top class developers and a marketing team with many years of experience in launching and growing successful sites. is an exciting deal of the day site. We have one deal daily at an amazing price daily, we will offer products and services like hotel packages etc 90% of our deals are high street brands with 50% + savings.

We feature deals that appeal to the masses, so the conversion is huge great branded product at an unbelievable price.



  • Exclusive promo-codes 10% off the deal of the day & 15% off all previous deals and more!
  • Generous commission (starting at 10%)
  • 60 day cookie period!
  • PR coverage   in national papers to reinforce the brand.
  • Competition prizes want a hold a competition let us know we will supply the prizes.
  • Twitter / Facebook let’s help each other grow our followers, we can offer prizes or cash for daily tweets/page mentions to followers.
  • To grow we need to market the site, we have a nice budget but we only like to spend it on attractive deals if you have one you can have our cash, so if you have a blog we want to hear from you for example!

Have a look at the site see what you think would work for us both and contact me today.


Tel: 01245 228 383

We are on Affiliate Window and you can join our program there -